Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

The Practical & Theory test 

There are 2 tests the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) require provisional license holders to pass; firstly the theory test followed by the practical test.

The Theory Test

The theory tests consists of 2 parts. The first part is a hazard perception test which involves the candidate watching 14 short video clips, containing 15 hazards in total. Each time the candidate spots a developing hazard they click the mouse. During this time, a scoring window opens and the pupil can score between 1-5 points depending on how soon they clicked the mouse. A score of 44 out of 75 minimum must be achieved to pass the first part.

The second part of the test is a multiple choice test. There are 50 questions to work through and a minimum score of 43 must be achieved. Please be aware that some questions have 2 answers. Both the theory and the hazard perception test must be passed for the candidate to achieve an overall pass. The local theory test centre is in Stirling, the address is listed below. 

Suite 1A,
Hillside House,
Laurelhill Business Park,

Theory test cost: £23

The Practical Test

The practical test is a test of the candidates practical ability, the test should take no longer than 45 minutes. Firstly, after introductions, the examiner will explain the test followed by the candidate reading a car registration plate from 20 metres & will then be asked a 'tell me ' question. You can check out the 'show me, tell me questions with the link below;

After this is carried out, the candidate will be asked to move off, during the practical test, 1 out of 3 reversing manoeuvres will be asked to be carried out. The 3 manoeuvres are; the  bay park, the reverse park & the pull up on the right. The examiner may also ask for the controlled stop (emergency stop) to be carried out, however this only takes place in 1 out of every 3 practical tests. The candidate will also be asked to drive independently for 20 minutes during the test, which may include following a sat nav. When the candidate returns to the tests centre, they will be informed if they have passed or failed & the examiner will give them constructive feedback. The practical test in Falkirk is carried out from the test centre at the following address;

Units 36-37,
Evans Easyspace,
Earls Road,

Practical test cost: £62